The Organization for Responsible Governance

Responsible Governance is the foundation for a more prosperous future for all. The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) is a not-for-profit civic foundation committed to realizing that future by creating dialogue, insights, and solutions around the challenges affecting accountable governance, education reform, and economic development in The Bahamas. We are businesspersons, students, artists, educators, politicians, clergy, academics and members of civil society united to resolve the nation’s most vexing issues by addressing their root causes.


Accountable Governance

Responsible, accountable, and transparent governance is a central challenge for societies seeking to provide equal opportunity and socioeconomic stability for their citizens. ORG empowers civil society and introduces key policy and legislation to ensure the actions of the country’s leadership are subject to oversight and serve the best interests of the Bahamian people.

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Education Reform

With seven in ten graduating high school students unprepared for the next step in life, The Bahamas’ undereducated populace is wreaking havoc on the country’s socioeconomic development and its future. ORG addresses this core issue head on with innovative policies and programs generated through research and collaborative think tanks.

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Economic Development

The Bahamian economy is in a precarious position with four consecutive credit downgrades, consistently high fiscal deficits, and unemployment at a soaring high. Economic growth is a dynamic and multi-faceted occurrence that is highly dependent on a myriad of factors. ORG brings together industry leaders and international and local scholars to develop solutions and plot a path to greater prosperity for all.

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Latest News

The Bahamas could enjoy a multi-million dollar jobs and economic diversification boost with policy reforms to facilitate targeted investment in key industries, amid warnings that “major economic assets are at risk”. A new Oxford Economics report commissioned by The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) described the economy as “at a...

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