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School-age children make up 25% of Bahamian citizens yet are not actively included in civic engagement and participation.  They are directly impacted by school and learning environments— as the primary beneficiaries of schools – but, despite this, are often not consulted in the conversations and decisions that shape and develop these environments.

The “I Have A Dream” School Shark Tank is an ORG Bahamas Education Program/Event which provides a platform to empower youth, amplify their voices, and advance their ideas, plans and dreams for education in The Bahamas. After all, who has more intimate knowledge of what is and isn’t working for Bahamian students than the students themselves?

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Students enrolled in any government school from grades six (6) to 12, and former public school students who have completed high school within the past two years are eligible to participate.

How to Participate:

Schools may submit up to five, five-member teams. Each team must compete independently, but with teacher supervision and must complete the following process to participate:  

  1. Each team must Fill out our APPLICATION FORM to participate in the I Have A Dream Shark Tank.

  2. Complete the steps for the Preliminary Phase. This phase walks teams through a process of exploring their school as a physical built environment and space for learning and growth. For More information on the stages of the competition click HERE

  3. Get Ready to Dream!

Submissions are due by November 1st, 2019.

Teams will be shortlisted and contacted by November 5, 2019 to confirm their placement in the “I Have A Dream” School Shark Tank Workshop and Showcase to be held on November 16 and 23rd, 2019.

For questions or more info please contact us at:

Email: dream@orgbahamas.com

Phone: 1-(242)-803-7956

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