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First Moves In Local Government Initiative


Tribune Staff Reporter

THE Minnis administration is moving closer to bringing local government to New Providence, with Press Secretary Anthony Newbold announcing yesterday that an advisory committee has been established to guide its inception.

The committee features at least 17 people from various institutions across government and civil society.

They are expected to produce a preliminary report for Cabinet by the end of August, Mr Newbold said

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Fronting Will ‘Grow More’ Without Wto


Tribune Business Editor

THE Bahamas’ chief WTO negotiator yesterday said ‘fronting’ will “become far worse”, with local businesses overrun by foreign rivals, if this nation stays outside the rules-based trade regime.

Raymond Winder, Deloitte & Touche (Bahamas) managing partner, told Tribune Business that the WTO-related laws and regulations that this nation will be required to implement will afford local entrepreneurs far greater protection than the current policy-based regime.

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Cabinet approves appointment of Local Government Advisory Committee for New Providence

Bahamas Information Services

Matt Maura

(April 24,2018) NASSAU, The Bahamas – The Cabinet of The Bahamas has approved the appointment of an Advisory Committee for the introduction of Local Government in New Providence.

The Committee met for the first time on Wednesday, April 18 (2018) in the Conference Room at the Ministry of Transport and Local Government at which time they received their charge from Minister of Transport and Local Government, the Hon. Frankie Campbell.

Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Anthony Newbold, said the Committee is comprised of a “good cross-section” of professionals from varying backgrounds, during his weekly press briefing.

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Editorial: Fnm Government Has No Vision, No Plan Says Davis

The Tribune 

(April 23,2018) NASSAU,BAHAMAS- ACCORDING to PLP leader Phillip “Brave” Davis the reason for the FNM government’s slippage in the recent popularity polls is because of the “mistruths” they told voters during last year’s election campaign.

There probably is some truth in this because the FNM — like the rest of us— knew that the public finances had been badly crippled by the defeated PLP government. However, few knew the resuscitation needed for the Public Treasury before those election promises could be kept. For example, can Mr Davis explain the need for the million dollar clinics in his district when there was no one to staff them? And, considered on the larger scale of needs, did these islands have a sufficient number of patients to justify such expensive clinics? Yet, to build them, funds were diverted from the Princess Margaret Hospital, this country’s central hospital, which is badly in need of structural repairs, new equipment, medicine, nurses, and the list goes on.


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Fronting 'More Ferocious' If No Pre-Wto Crackdown


Tribune Business Editor

(April 23,2018) NASSAU,BAHAMAS- The Bahamas must crack down on widespread 'fronting' that threatens to become more "ferocious" once this nation joins the WTO, a governance reformer has urged.

Robert Myers, a principal with the Organisation for Responsible Governance (ORG), told Tribune Business that Bahamians will find themselves in a "subservient economy" unless the Government and private sector move quickly to enforce the law.

He warned that the National Investment Policy, and reservation of certain economic sectors for Bahamian ownership only, was constantly being undermined by local attorneys, accountants and politically-connected persons acting as 'fronts' for businesses that were really owned and controlled by foreign companies/investors.


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Higher work permit fees needed as immigration dept.’s expenses increase

Chester Robard

The Nassau Guardian 

(April 17,2018) NASSAU, BAHAMAS -Work permit fees, which will be adjusted by July 1, are due for an increase, according to Immigration Minister Brent Symonette. An increase is also needed due to mounting expenses at the Department of Immigration that require increased revenue.

Symonette said yesterday that the fees have not been increased in ten years, meantime the Department of Immigration has embarked on establishing a registry which requires renting a building and has incurred costs of $1.6 million, to deport non-nationals.

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Bpl Urged: ‘Ramp Up Quickly’ To Get $500m Shell Saving

The Tribune

(April 13,2018) NASSAU,BAHAMAS- BAHAMAS Power & Light (BPL) was yesterday urged to “ramp up very quickly” on its generation deal with Shell, amid hopes it could result in $500 million of annual economic savings.

Private sector chiefs, while hailing the Government’s approval of Shell North America as BPL’s long-term generation partner, called for the two sides to execute swiftly and lower one of the costliest, longest-running burdens on Bahamian businesses and consumers.

Michael Maura, the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation’s (BCCEC) chairman, told Tribune Business: “From the Chamber’s perspective we’re happy to hear that Bahamas Power & Light has made a decision, and we look forward to much cleaner energy and a much lower cost. We hope things ramp up very quickly, as we’ve been paying far too much for energy for too long.”


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Wto To 'Move The Needle' On Business Ease


Tribune Business Editor

THE Bahamas' chief negotiator says joining the WTO can help solve this nation's 'ease of doing business' woes, arguing: "We must move the needle on new industries."

Raymond Winder told Tribune Business that becoming a full member of the rules-based trading regime will force the Bahamas to modernise its economy and remove structural impediments to growth, citing the absence of "quality investment legislation" as one such bottleneck that must be addressed.

The Deloitte & Touche managing partner said he was "convinced we have lost out on potentially significant investment", especially for Grand Bahama, with this nation "never making the first cut" among investors due its status as a WTO non-member and uncertainty over "the rules of the game".

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ORG Economic Development Report points to new opportunities for growth

The Bahamas could enjoy a multi-million dollar jobs and economic diversification boost with policy reforms to facilitate targeted investment in key industries, amid warnings that “major economic assets are at risk”.

A new Oxford Economics report commissioned by The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) described the economy as “at a crossroad” and “underperforming”, with real GDP per capita now lower than it was in 2000.

The report offers that reforms to facilitate agriculture/manufacturing import substitution, shipping and logistics investment and boutique hotel/vacation home expansion would generate both much-needed diversification and economic growth for the Bahamas.

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Groups Urge Government to Enact FOIA