Since passing the Fiscal Responsibility Act in 2018, The Bahamian Government has made efforts to institute greater transparency by releasing quarterly Fiscal Snapshots, which report on the status of government spending and expenditure against the budget. These reports give us, civil society and the people, and invaluable opportunity to peer into how the government is spending our money, and when necessary, to say and do something about it!

In early February 2019, The Ministry of Finance released the 6-month Fiscal Snapshot for the 2018/19 year. ORG is currently evaluating this most recent report and would like to know how YOU feel the government is doing in meeting its financial obligations so far. Click the image to review the snapshot and the accompanying fiscal report, and leave your comments in the form below. ORG's evaluation will be released to the public, the Ministry of Finance, and to MP's for consideration.  

Ensuring our government is spending our money responsibly and efficiently is one of the most crucial challenges of our time. It affects the quality of government services - like our children's schools our healthcare and the roads we drive on, as well as affecting our economy and levels of corruption. Get Informed, and Get Involved! Review and evaluate the report and give us your feedback below!