‘Listen Up’ Youth Discussion Series Tackles Gender-based Violence

‘Listen Up’ Youth Discussion Series Tackles Gender-based Violence

Last month, we told you about the You, Me, Us Youth Saloon - a social-emotional learning project geared toward putting youth at the forefront of solving community-level issues. 23 young Bahamians have come to the forefront to shed light on the rising issue of gender-based violence (GBV).

We are elated to announce the launch of the “Listen Up’ Video series. The youth-led discussion based series offers compelling conversation, clear definitions and an ask-the-expert model to educate the Bahamian public on gender-based violence.

To date, two of the three videos in the series have been premiered.

Video 1 - Defining Gender-based Violence features a riveting conversation between Listen Up participants and Nia Bethel-Sears, representing Equality Bahamas. Nia takes us through the fundamentals of gender-based violence that are important for members of the community to be aware of.

Video 2- Intimate Partner Violence features special guest Chauntez Dillet-Wilson, of the Crisis Center. She gives very helpful information and definitions on domestic violence and abuse and practical information on how persons needing help can get in. (Always remember that the Bahamas Crisis Centre has a 24-hour Help line at 328-0922).

Video 3 will air shortly. While it isn’t the easiest topic to discuss, we applaud of young people and hope you share the series to help them raise awareness!

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