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Campaign for the Bahamas To Push FOIA at Blackout March


The Campaign for the Bahamas is a rallying cry to fight for a positive and sustainable future for our country. Our mission is to unite Bahamians through positive change and the only way for that change to happen is if we stand together and ensure our collective voices are heard.

The Campaign for the Bahamas commends our partner OurCarmicheal in the nation-building work they are doing through their BlackOut March scheduled on Friday November 25th, 2016. Peaceful demonstrations are democracy at work, and the engagement of diverse voices from all sectors – the citizenship, civil society, private and public sector – is crucial to creating a free democracy that upholds the rights and happiness of all. 

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Partner Profile: Our Carmichael Empowers the People

If you live in the Carmichael neighborhood, some of the first faces you would have seen after Hurricane Matthew were those of the Our Carmichael team. The group of volunteers provided how-to videos on how to board up before the storm, worked with Omni Cash to assist residents with rebuilding funds, cleared debris from the roads and distributed 4,000 bags of ice to residents without power. Mostly comprised of residents from in and around the neighborhood the quick and passionate response reflects the groups mandate to be the change they want to see in their home base. 

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