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Congratulations to Steffon, ORG’s First Assistant Director

The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) is again strengthening its leadership team with the promotion of Steffon Evans from Engagement Coordinator to Assistant Director- a new position in the non-governmental organizational structure.

As Assistant Director, Evans will work to increase stakeholder involvement with ORG and to enhance productivity and ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Evans, who has a background in not-for-profit leadership and community organizing says he is excited to use his talents and expertise in the reach of ORG’s short and long-term goals

Evans will lead various tasks specific to ORG’s maximization, productivity, and employee satisfaction. He will manage the ORG Engagement function and support the Executive Director in departmental planning and monitoring progress.

“As a young Bahamian professional, embracing this new role is both humbling and exciting,” said Evans. “I’m convinced that our work at ORG will empower communities and strengthen the fabrics of the Bahamian society. I am committed to helping the public accept that there is hope for a brighter future, and that there are several community projects we run in which anyone can get involved.” Matt Aubry, ORG’s Executive Director, expressed that ORG’s Board and team are proud of the strong and innovative impact Steffon has achieved over the past few years as Engagement Coordinator. “Steffon has fostered meaningful citizen engagement with governance. He has demonstrated a dedication to ensuring that our programs are accessible and relevant to the widest range of citizens across the archipelago,”

Aubry added, “In his new role, we are confident that Steffon will expand his influence and leadership to contribute to the sustainability of ORG's mission and the accessibility and relevance of our programs."

Evans states “ORG’s work is driving accountable governance; empowering citizens; bolstering economic growth; promoting better, more equitable education for all and building capacity for other non-governmental organizations to continue to improve the lives of Bahamian people,” Evans noted. “This work matters, and I’ll do my best to further our core message that encourages Bahamians to “Get informed and Get involved!”

National Play Date - At Home!

Supporting Families At Home

Like everyone else,  ORG is sheltering in place but continuing to work to bring you important information and to transform our programs to be more accessible remotely.

Our National Playdate Program is an early childhood development initiative designed to bring families together for community, mutual support, and fun. We are bringing this program home to you with our "National Playdates At Home" newsletter. This and every month this newsletter will bring a song, family activity, story, and parenting articles that foster family bonding and help supply parents with the tools to be at our best, even in difficult times. Read our first edition below!

Stay safe. Stay Smart. Stay Inside.

Read the First Edition