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ORG: Working for Good Governance at Home and Abroad

As ORG calls for more open and transparent governance, increased citizen participation and greater collaboration among civil society, government, and the private sector in, sometimes it can feel that we are alone. However, as Executive Director Matt Aubry, learned at the Open Government Partnership Summit, in Ottawa, Canada in late May, our calls for positive, inclusive and sustainable reforms to governance echo the majority around the world. 

This year, ORG was selected to attend The Summit, which brought together over 2,000 representatives of government and civil society to discuss ways to leverage open government initiatives and build stronger, more accountable, and responsive democracies. The Open Government Partnership(OGP) is an international organization of reformers inside and outside of government, working to transform how government serves its citizens and includes 79 member countries.  Over the past years, the Organization for Responsible Government has used many of the resources and research created by the OGP in the development of our positive reform initiatives. 


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Be Clear Bahamas: Bringing Fiscal Transparency and Budget Participation to Bahamas

Gearing up for the upcoming budget debate, The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) convened key players in government, civil society and the private sector at an event last month to debut ORG’s prototype Fiscal Transparency Portal and Fiscal Literacy Campaign: Be Clear Bahamas. The governance, economic development and education focused organization has partnered with The United States Embassy to tackle fiscal transparency and literacy and citizen participation in the budget process.

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