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ORG at the IMF

Presenting to the International Monetary Fund Seminar with Civil Society in Kingston, Jamaica, local governance reformer The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) has continued to press for greater support of civil society and participatory governance as a path accountability and transparency.

ORG’s Communications Coordinator Chauntez Dillet-Wilson, was selected to represent Bahamian Civil Society at the IMF seminar in Kingston in March to deliver an overview of the status and factors for success in strengthening governance, improving transparency and fighting corruption within The Bahamas. The seminar aimed to encourage closer ties between the IMF and civil society organizations in the region and generate greater understanding of the role of the IMF in The Caribbean. Focused on climate change, disaster-relief, governance and corruption, the intimate session had 20 attendees comprised of IMF, government, and CSO representatives from seven countries.

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Forging Our Future: Skills Gaps in The Bahamas

As noted in The Inter-American Development Bank’s report: “Skills for Current and Future Jobs in The Bahamas”, a significant gap exists between the labour needs in The Bahamas and the skills of the local workforce. The report states that workforce productivity has continuously decreased since the turn of the millennium, and 1 in 4 employers cite a lack of appropriate skills in the labour force as the leading factor.

Despite efforts to address this need area, there persists a regular struggle by Bahamian employers to find sufficient local staff with the necessary specific, technical, and soft skills. In certain Industries, this creates an uneven dependence on foreign talent creating tension between labour and immigration policies and the functional practices necessary for local industries to thrive. Ultimately, the negative impact of this gap has contributed to limited private sector growth and subsequently minimal economic development.

Recognizing that addressing workforce productivity lies at the heart of economic development, The Ministry of Labour held the first-ever National Symposium on Skills Developments titled “Forging our Future: Assessing and Analyzing the Skills Gap in The Bahamas” on September 17th at The National Training Agency. 

The concept of a National Symposium for Skills Development was proposed to the National Committee or Industry Education & Skills Training, which was assembled in April 2018 to address the skills gap, by The Organization for Responsible Government (ORG) as a potential endeavour to identify and remedy the training gaps contributing to skills gaps in The Bahamas. The concept was adopted by the National Committee, with funding and resources coming from The Ministry of Labour, ORG and The National Training Agency.

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