Campaign for the Bahamas

Organization for Responsible Governance - The Campaign for the Bahamas

The Campaign for the Bahamas - the engagement and outreach arm of The Organization for Responsible Governance - is a rallying cry to fight for a positive and sustainable future for our country! The only way to affect positive change to happen is if our collective voices are heard.Young_FOIA.jpg

Developed for the people and by the people, The Campaign is a movement of concerned citizens from all walks of life who have come together out of serious concern for where the Bahamas is headed, especially in the areas of government accountability, education reform, and our economic future.

The Campaign for the Bahamas provides an apolitical objective platform to educate everyone on the current state of our economy, our educational system and the lack of government accountability and transparency.

But it’s more than just learning about what’s wrong. We bring everyone together to act, for a positive future.

The Campaign for the Bahamas aims to provide a road map for how every day Bahamians can enact change and we need your support to do it!

There are many ways to get involved with the campaign. #GetInformed about each of our topic issues and then #GetInvolved by joining the campaign, taking the pledge and quiz, becoming a donor or partner, and spreading the message about The Campaign.

Your voice & your action will change our future!

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