Candidate Questionnaire Results


Duane Sands (FNM)
Alex Storr (PLP)
Prodesta Moore (DNA)
Ternielle Burrows (Independent)


Fort Charlotte

Mark Humes (FNM)
Alfred Sears (PLP)
Cindy Knowlesn (DNA)

Mount Moriah

Marvin Dames (FNM)
Arnold Forbes (PLP)
Leon Higgs (DNA)


Bain & Grants Town

Travis Robinson (FNM)
Bernard Nottage (PLP)
Brenda Harris (DNA)


St. Barnabas

Shanendon Cartwright (FNM)
Cheryl Bazard (PLP)
Gerrino Saunders (DNA)


Exumas & Ragged Island

Navarro Bowe (FNM)
Chester Cooper (DNA)

North Eleuthera

Rickey Mackey (FNM)
Clay Sweeting (PLP)
Candace Weatherford (DNA)


South Beach

Jeff Lloyd (FNM)
Cleola Hamilton (PLP)
Randy Butler (DNA)


Nassau Village

Halston Moultrie (FNM)
Dion Smith (PLP)
Wallace Rolle (DNA)


North Andros & Berry Islands

Carleton Bowleg Jr. (FNM)
Dr Perry Gomez (PLP)
Samuel Kemp (DNA)


Garden Hills

Brensil Rolle (FNM)
Dr. Kendal Major (PLP)
Youri Kemp (DNA)


Fox Hill

Shonnell Ferguson (FNM)
Fred Mitchell (PLP)
Kendal Smith (DNA)


Long Island

Adrian Gibson (FNM)
Glendon Rolle (PLP)
Loretta Butler-Turner (Independent)



Raymond Rolle (FNM)
Glenys Hanna (PLP)
Stephanie Lightbourne (DNA)



Lanisha Rolle (FNM)
Hope Strachan (PLP)
Chris Mortimer (DNA)



Romauld Ferriera (FNM)
Jerome Fitzgerald (PLP)
Emily (Sweet Emily) Williams (DNA)


Southern Shores

Frankie Campbell (FNM)
Kenred Dorset (PLP)
Madeline Sawyer (DNA)



Reuben Rahming (FNM)
Khaalis Rolle (PLP)
Lincoln Bain (DNA)


Tall Pines

Donald Saunders (FNM)
Leslie Miller (PLP)
Kishon Turner (DNA)



Elsworth Johnson (FNM)
Melanie Griffin (PLP)
Charlis Robins (DNA)



Frederick McAlpine (FNM)
Michael Darville (PLP)
Leslie Lightbourne (DNA)


Golden Isles

Vaughn Miller (FNM)
Michael Halkitis (PLP)
Stephen Greenslade (DNA)


Marco City

Michael Pintard (FNM)
Norris Bain (PLP)
Nevar Smith (DNA)


West Grand Bahama & Bimini

Pakeshia Parker-Edgecombe (FNM)
Obie Wilchcombe (PLP)



Reece Chipman (FNM)
Perry G. Christie (PLP)
Celi Moss (DNA)

Cat Island, Rum Cay, San Salvador

Gadville McDonald (FNM)
Phillip Davis (PLP)
Samuel Strachan (DNA)

Central & South Andros

Zendal Forbes (FNM)
Picewell Forbes (PLP)
Cyril Miller (DNA)


North Abaco

Darren Henfield (FNM)
Renardo Curry (PLP)
Claire Basden (DNA)


Dr. Hubert Minnis (FNM)
Reneika Knowles (PLP)
Arinthia Komolafe (DNA)

East Grand Bahama

K. Peter Turnquest (FNM)
Rev Preston Cooper (PLP)
Elkanah Pinder (DNA)

Golden Gates

Michael Foulkes (FNM)
Shane Gibson (PLP)
Rudy Dean (DNA)


Miriam Emmanuel (FNM)
V. Alfred Gray (PLP)

Free Town

Dionisio D’Aguilar (FNM)
Wayne Munroe (PLP)
Karen Davis (DNA)

Central & South Abaco

James Albury (FNM)
Eva Bain (PLP)
Ruth Flowers (DNA)

Bamboo Town

Renward Wells (FNM)
Greg Burrows (PLP)
Branville McCartney (DNA)

Central & South Eleuthera

Hank Johnson (FNM)
Clifford Scavella (PLP)
Derek Smith (DNA)


Desmond Bannister (FNM)
Keith Bell (PLP)
Busch Armbrister (DNA)

Central Grand Bahamas

Iram Lewis (FNM)
Julian Russell (PLP)
Jedrick Robinson (DNA)

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