It’s our right to see the chef, the teacher, the ingredients, the driver… the figures. And our duty to get involved. Because understanding where our money is going makes it easier to join the conversation about where it could be going. #BeClearBahamas.

Going Clear

It’s 2019 – the global age of transparency and The Bahamas is already going “clear” in many areas… We’ve knocked down walls. We have open plan kitchens & living rooms, restaurants where we can see our chefs, open door classrooms where we can see our teachers, open door office spaces that make it easier to collaborate, clear packaging where we can see what we are getting. This is an age where we can ask a waiter how the cow was raised and expect a clear answer. So, if we expect transparency & accountability in so many areas of our life, then why not expect the same clarity with the management of national funds?

Tools for Transparency

Following decades of opaque governance, in which the public has been kept in the dark about government spending and the national budget, ORG – the liaison between Bahamian citizens and the government – is calling for a more open, transparent and accountable government.

One of the critical measures of a more open government is Fiscal Transparency, the pursuit of which hinges on the active involvement of The Bahamas’ most critical asset – its people. The national budget is your money, dictating how it will be spent and impacting the world you see around you – schools, parks, roads, healthcare and much more.


The Bahamas is falling in line with a global demand for transparency. Ultimately, it is your right as a Bahamian citizen to know how your money is being managed, and your duty to join the conversation on how best to manage it.

The aim of #Let’sBeClearBahamas is to educate, engage and empower Bahamians about national spending and to provide a Fiscal Transparency Portal as a regular and reliable source of fiscal information.