The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) is a not-for-profit, civic foundation committed to realizing that future by creating dialogue, insights, and solutions around the challenges affecting accountable governance, education reform.

We are businesspersons, students, artists, educators, politicians, clergy, academics and members of civil society united to resolve the nation’s most vexing issues by addressing their root causes.

We work with the government and the citizens to make sure that The Bahamas is governed in a way that is more efficient, transparent, accessible to everyone and responsive to the needs of the Bahamian people. Learn more.

We aim to assist with developing strong systems of education & training to equip Bahamians to be more successful & productive citizens. Learn more.

We focus on strengthening and diversifying the Bahamian economy to propel us unto a more prosperous future for all. Learn more.

We strive to build up other nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations that are all working to advance the national agenda. Learn more.