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  • commented on Open and Accountable Governance – Is Bahamas Hitting the Mark? 2016-10-21 18:41:30 -0400
    I so wish this Government would be accountable to The Bahamian people, by being upfront and open about where the Tax dollars that they are paying go. We should know. Also I wonder does the people know how The IMF effects us here if the borrowed millions aren’t paid back according to their liking? Are all Bahamian business’ being taxed the same, or are there some that are not paying due to who they know? Just asking………I mean weren’t there many peoples’ lights turned off by then B.E.C. who owed a couple hundred or couple dollars while certain preferred Bahamians owing thousands had not paid theirs? just a few thoughts that are worth hearing the answer to…….And where is the care for this people? why did the Government have to tax B.E.C. Bills? really? everything else has been taxed, could they not have a break somewhere?