It is easy to see that one of The Bahamas leading concerns facing our country is Transparency in government. Why is the deal with the Chinese Export Import Bank over Baha Mar sealed? What is hidden in the BTC majority share buyback? Where are the funds from Junkanoo Carnival and how are they being use? 

The Bahamian people have questions that aren’t being answered. Silence and secrecy can be powerful tools that governments employ to mute critics and cloak their actions from public scrutiny. The availability of information to the general public and clarity about government rules, regulations, and decisions is crucial to maintaining accountability in governance and empower citizens.


Organization for Responsible Governance is committed to the establishment of a strong, and fair Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The most recent proposed bill – The Freedom of Information Bill, 2015 – drafted in May 2015 has several flaws preventing it from being an effective tool to empower citizens. We have joined forces with 17 other civil society groups to press for the timely passage of a robust FOIA and have developed a consolidated list of recommendations to ensure the bill will give power to the people and keep the government honest. You can do your part by signing the petition for a “True” FOIA at or writing to your MP.


Want more information on FOIA? See the Official Bahamas Government FAQs

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