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Tribune- April 13, 2017- Idb: Bahamas ‘Can’t Escape’ $7bn Debt Without Fiscal Rules

Tribune- April 11, 2017 -Grow GDP Six Times Faster To ‘Salvage Ship’

Nassau Guardian- April 10, 2017- Groups urge Government to Enact FOIA

Tribune- March 30, 2017- Activists Fear FOI Act Will Not Be Enacted As Election Looms

Nassau Guardian- March 23, 2017- Bahamas Ranking Falls on Human Development Report 

Tribune- March 15, 2017- Govt Develops Social Benefits ‘We Can’t Afford’

Tribune- February 28, 2017- Christie Govt Adds Record $2bn To National Debt

Nassau Guardian- February 24, 2017- Groups Offer AG to Consult on "Spy Bill"

Nassau Guardian- February 24, 2017- No Timeline for Consultation on "Spy Bill"

Tribune- February 22, 2017- Govt Urged To Cut ‘30% Inefficiency’

Tribune- February 14, 2017- 75% Deficit Growth ‘Staggering’, Argues Governance Reformer

Tribune- February 14, 2017- Attorney General: Interception Bill Will Enhance Privacy, Not Harm It

Tribune- February 7, 2017- ‘Change FOI Act To Make Nation A World Leader’

Nassau Guardian- February 6, 2017- Myers: Fiscal Responsibility Act would Deter Irresponsible Fiscal Behavior

Tribune- January 26, 2017- Vat Speech Shows Govt Still ‘Kicking Can Down The Road’

Nassau Guardian- January 20, 2017- Open Letter to MPs on Freedom of Information Bill

Tribune- Jan. 17, 2017 - Government Ignores Freedom of Information 

Tribune- January 13, 2017- ‘Very Distressing’: Govt’s 4,500 Civil Service Growth

Nassau Guardian- December 22, 2016- Opportunity Missed to include recommendations in FOI Bill says Civil Society Groups

Tribune- November 7, 2016- Free Trade Push ‘Irresponsible’ With Exchange Controls

Nassau Guardian- November 2. 2016- Civil Society Group maintains FOIA pressure

Tribune- November 2, 2016- Civic Leaders Say Need For Government Transparency Is ‘Critical’

Tribune- October 12, 2016- Learning Lessons Of Joaquin

Tribune- October 3, 2016- Your Say: An Act To Give Power To The People And Keep Government Honest

Tribune- August 26, 2016- Governance Group Concerned At Lack Of Transparency

Tribune- July 26, 2016- Insight: Call To Educate Bahamians On Issues Ahead Of Election

Tribune- June 20, 2016- Insight: Public Consultation Key To The Success Of Freedom Of Information Reform

Tribune- May 5, 2016- Govt ‘Showing Lack Of Interest’ In Freedom Of Information Act

Tribune- March 17, 2016- Citizen Group Seeks To Increase Accountability











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