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  • ORG Attends Clinton Global Initiative Meeting in New York City

    Clinton Global Initiative 2022

    Our Executive Director, Matt Aubry, was a proud ORG representative at this year's Clinton Global Initiative Meeting. 

    The Clinton Global Initiative is a meeting born out of the Clinton Foundation and founded by former President Bill Clinton. The conference brings together some of the brightest minds and global leaders working to solve some of the world's most pressing issues.

    Sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative to attend such an esteemed event, ORG was honoured and saw this as an incredible opportunity to connect with those working in civil society and those willing to assist in ORG's mission of responsible governance in The Bahamas.

    "I met dynamic and innovative leaders from every Sector from LATAM & the Caribbean, Africa, South Asia, North America, and Europe. We all had a dedication to social Justice and the need to engage people in developing solutions to the issues that affect their communities," said Matt of his time at the event. 

    The speaker lineup included the likes of Activist Malala Yousafzai, the dynamic Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley, and Director General for the World Trade Organization, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. 

    This year's meeting showcased a common trend among those in attendance, sustainable solutions within civil society are of the utmost importance.

    ORG's attendance at this year's meeting provided significant pathways to continuing the work that we have begun in the Bahamas. We cannot wait to share how these relationships unfold in the coming months. 

  • Self-Determined: Three Tools for Active Citizens

    A well informed, educated and engaged citizenry is the key to good governance.

    This statement is at the heart of ORG initiatives geared at empowering citizens to get informed and get involved. If the people of The Bahamas want to embrace their opportunity to unite toward a brighter future, it will require every citizen to adopt the notion that nation-building is a group project.

    According to The United National Public Administration Network, the involvement of citizens in a wide range of policymaking activities can orient government programs toward community needs, build public support, and encourage a sense of cohesiveness within neighborhoods.

    While we count on leaders to create spaces where the voices of every Bahamian can be heard, it’s equally important to give attention to the perception of the citizens.  Citizens must see themselves as agents of change, even in spaces where they feel their voices have been traditionally unheard. They must seek out and strengthen existing opportunities to add their input to national dialogues, while finding ways to create new ones. The goal is to become Active Citizens.

    The question is often asked “If this hasn’t been seen before, what can be done?” The answer, while not simple, lies in the collective strides taken by the Bahamian people. ORG has positioned itself to contribute to the citizen’s and government’s ability to collaborate through three tools on our Citizen’s Solution Center that you should know and use as an active citizen.

    1. The Citizen’s Charter is a pilot project that any citizen can get involved in! It explores the use of a tool that allows the government to make commitments to citizens to provide more equitable, responsive and efficient services. The key is that tools such as surveys, town halls and focus groups are used regularly to get feedback from citizens before decisions are made by the government. 
    2. Access Parliament is ORG’s tool to help you follow what is happening live in parliamentary sessions (the House of Assembly & Senate). Keeping up-to-date with this is key to knowing what decisions are being made by your leaders.
    3. The Policy Review Center is yet another online tool that gives citizens access to bills and policies either being debated by the government or that are in need of input from the public. Feedback is amalgamated and passed onto the relevant government representatives to ensure the citizen’s voice is included in the policymaking process.

    While ORG encourages daily acts of citizenship - which are the small things citizens do every day to work toward a brighter future - these tools can ensure that Bahamian citizens are actively engaged! To get informed you can contact [email protected] 

  • ‘Listen Up’ Youth Discussion Series Tackles Gender-based Violence

    Last month, we told you about the You, Me, Us Youth Saloon - a social-emotional learning project geared toward putting youth at the forefront of solving community-level issues. 23 young Bahamians have come to the forefront to shed light on the rising issue of gender-based violence (GBV).

    We are elated to announce the launch of the “Listen Up’ Video series. The youth-led discussion based series offers compelling conversation, clear definitions and an ask-the-expert model to educate the Bahamian public on gender-based violence.

    To date, two of the three videos in the series have been premiered.

    Video 1 - Defining Gender-based Violence features a riveting conversation between Listen Up participants and Nia Bethel-Sears, representing Equality Bahamas. Nia takes us through the fundamentals of gender-based violence that are important for members of the community to be aware of.

    Video 2- Intimate Partner Violence features special guest Chauntez Dillet-Wilson, of the Crisis Center. She gives very helpful information and definitions on domestic violence and abuse and practical information on how persons needing help can get in. (Always remember that the Bahamas Crisis Centre has a 24-hour Help line at 328-0922).

    Video 3 will air shortly. While it isn’t the easiest topic to discuss, we applaud of young people and hope you share the series to help them raise awareness!

  • ORG 2022 Summer Interns promote Active Citizenship

    This month, we proudly welcomed our first cohort of summer interns. In partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture's summer employment program - ORG recruited three young and talented Bahamians to support our programs that promote active citizenship.

    Under the leadership of Tayte Adderley, our Engagement Program Manager - each our of interns are working through projects to tool Bahamian citizens to ‘Get informed & Get Involved’!

    Shakynuh Sands is an Education Major at the University of The Bahamas (UB) working on ORG’s ongoing public education series for our social media platforms.

    Javonne Cumberbatch is studying Computer Information Systems at UB is working on ORG’s Citizen Solution Center platform & website.

    Gary Rolle III holds a Bachelor of Law degree and will receive his Legal Education Certificate in September, both from the Eugene Dupuch Law School. He is working on our National Outreach Campaign for Active Citizens.

    Tayte commented "We are very grateful to have our summer interns join us. When we envisioned launching ORG's internship program, we know that the potential of expanding our impact was great - Shakynuh, Javonne & Gary have done just that!"

    As ORG prepared to embark on a new campaign "Active Citizens Bahamas" that will reach Bahamians around the country, engaging them in conversation around collective action and self-determination, our interns are setting the pace for the mark we hope to leave.

    ORG says a public thank you to three trailblazers for their contributions thus far!

    If you're interested in an ORG intership, email us at [email protected]!

  • published NPO Impact Survey 2022-05-06 13:04:36 -0400

    NPO Impact Survey

    We are looking to learn more about the impact of nonprofit organizations! If you've benefitted from a local organization, through any kind of assistance, complete the survey below and let us know!

    All survey participants will be entered to win one of two $250 prizes.

    Click here to take the NPO Impact Survey

  • published ORG Economic Round Table 2022 2022-05-04 19:07:00 -0400

    ORG Economic Round Table 2022

    The Bahamas' annual budget is a very important process that will dictate where public funding is invested over the next year. The Organization for Responsible Governance continues to push for participation in governance through educating and empowering stakeholders across sectors and is happy to welcome members of the public to join us for "The Path to Economic & Fiscal Sustainability". Watch a recording of ORG's first Economic Round Table below!

  • published Good Governance Symposium 2022 2022-02-14 12:56:20 -0500

    Good Governance Symposium 2022

    The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) recently held The Bahamas’ first Good Governance Symposium. The event hosted members of the government, civil society, private sector and students in a day of panels and discussions under the theme, “The Culture of Governance in The Bahamas”.

    Leaders from across the country shared their perspectives on topics such as Public Service Reform; Increasing the role of women and youth in governance, and Citizen Participation and the United States Embassy hosted a special panel on Anti-corruption strategies with international experts. The Good Governance Symposium, which attracted nearly 600 participants, was held as a blended event with limited by-invitation in-person attendance and a virtual event for wider public participation. 

    Loretta R. Butler-Turner, former Opposition Leader, underscored that the event was extremely successful in presenting topical, informed discussions that addressed wide spectrums of discussion by national and international panellists. “Good Governance is not simply about political parties and their agendas. Good Governance impacts every aspect of life and the positive qualities that improve society and the lives of its citizens. 

    “Society works best when citizens are assured that their voices are important contributors to the national discourse and decisions in creating an environment for responsible governance. ORG has successfully presented an inclusionary platform for the advocacy and expansion of Responsible Governance.”

    ORG’s Good Governance Symposium, funded by The Templeton Religion Trust, was designed to bring together all sectors of The Bahamas to discuss and promote practices and a culture of “good governance” for positive and sustainable national development. The Symposium’s panel discussions reinforced the eight principles of good governance including Accountability, Transparency, Rule of Law, Responsiveness, Equity and Inclusiveness, Effectiveness and Efficiency, Participation and Being Consensus Oriented.

    David Forbes, Chief Clerk of the House of Assembly, echoed Butler-Turner’s remarks, adding, “The Good Governance Symposium was a great event and great step in the right direction in bringing the discussion forward.”

    Watch it again below!

  • published Year of The Active Citizen 2021-03-11 14:54:58 -0500

    Year of The Active Citizen

    The Organization for Responsible Governance is proud to announce that 2021 is The Year of The Active Citizen!

    Become an ORG Member and stay connected!

    Abaco tractor

    Being an active citizen is less about changing society over night and focuses more on the decisions that we make everyday. We believe that as we continue to look toward a Bahamas with the best governance practices and brightest future for all people that we need to learn our part and play our part - thus our mantra, 'Get Informed & Get Involved'! 
    In the Year of The Active Citizen, ORG will be facilitating several activities that focus on the micro actions citizens can take everyday to make a difference and answer the important question "what can I do"?
    Starting with membership, your FREE ORG Membership will give you access to exclusive content and opportunities and pose weekly and monthly "Active Citizen Challenges" that will help you to understand your role as a citizen. 
    For those wanting to take it a step further an be empowered our Freedom Schools, our online or in-person civic education series, is a great individual or group opportunity to taking your first steps toward understanding the Bahamian system of governance, adopting a cause and making a difference. Our Freedom Fridays Broadcast the last Friday of each month is an open space where citizens, civil society groups and national leaders can have dialogue and work toward solutions for challenges facing Bahamian citizens!
    In addition to these activities we are launching a Bahamas Citizen's Charter, which gives you another opportunity to contribute to long-lasting change. The Charter will be a citizen-led document that gives recommendations to the government of how to improve its services. You simply leave a review of a government service, and where you can, participate in focus meetings to give your advice to how they can be improved.
    Lastly the Citizen's Solution Center is ORG's virtual resource center for active citizens! As we gear up for the next election, we want to provide citizens with as much information as possible to be equipped to exercise their civic right to vote. In addition, to this, we are organizing a suite of other resources and spaces for citizens to contribute and blog as we continue to raise our voices for change.
    You can use the hashtag #YearOfTheActiveCitizen on your social media platforms to display your citizen actions and we encourage you to follow the Organization for Responsible Governance on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date!
    For any further information feel free to contact the ORG Citizens Engagement Team at [email protected].
  • published Year of The Active Citizen 2021-03-11 13:52:30 -0500

    Year of The Active Citizen

    The Organization for Responsible Governance is proud to announce that 2021 is The Year of The Active Citizen!

    Become an ORG Member and stay connected!

    Abaco tractor

    Being an active citizen is less about changing society over night and focuses more on the decisions that we make everyday. We believe that as we continue to look toward a Bahamas with the best governance practices and brightest future for all people that we need to learn our part and play our part - thus our mantra, 'Get Informed & Get Involved'! 
    For any further information feel free to contact the ORG Citizens Engagement Team at [email protected].