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  • published Me, You, Us Youth Saloon 2022-06-28 15:22:57 -0400

    Me, You, Us Youth Saloon

    ORG Bahamas was happy to participate in the Caribbean United Against Gender-based Violence Round One over the past 10 months. The project, initiated by the United States Department of State Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (WHA), in collaboration with Centro de Orientacione Investigacion Integral (COIN), was designed to engage and enlightened youth from across the Caribbean on the concept of Gender-based Violence (GBV) and all of its forms. 

    ORG Bahamas recruited and trained two cohorts of high school and university students for what had been titled the 'Me, You, Us Youth Saloon'. The cohorts produced two video series which targeted their peers around the country in an effort to make them more aware of what GBV is and how we as citizens can help to address and combat the issues.

    From June 20-21, ORG Bahamas attended COIN's GBV symposium in the Dominican Republic. There other team leaders from around the region reported on how their country's youth responded to the challenge of creating their programs and platforms for other young persons in their country to become aware of and help combat GBV. 

    ORG Bahamas GBV Report

    Below are a snapshot of what each cohort produced for the public.

    Cohort II - Listen Up! Video Series


    Cohort I - No Slappin' Up! Video Series

    Episode One



    Episode Two