About The Organization for Responsible Governance

Responsible Governance – At the heart of everything

Responsible Governance is the foundation of a thriving democracy and a more prosperous future. The tenets of good governance: Accountability, Transparency, Integrity, Equality, Participation, and Rule of Law permeate society and affect everything from education quality to economic opportunity, crime levels to ease of doing business.

The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) is a not-for-profit civic foundation committed to realizing a brighter future by creating dialogue, insights, and solutions around the challenges affecting accountable governance, education reform, and economic development in The Bahamas. We are businesspersons, students, artists, educators, politicians, clergy, academics and members of civil society united to resolve the nation’s most vexing issues by addressing their root causes. Through research, advocacy, and education we can create a culture of governance that promotes opportunity and prosperity for all.


Our Vision

A thriving Bahamas where accountable and transparent governance allows each individual, business and group a say in decisions that affect our future and equal access to opportunity


Our Mission

To identify core challenges affecting The Bahamas be a catalyst for the development of actionable solutions. Through collaborative efforts with individuals, civil society, as well as international organizations, ORG will engage citizens, corporations, politicians and the Government to create positive, sustainable solutions to vexing problems.


Our Approach

ORG serves as a platform where stakeholders from a diverse cross-section of society unite in pursuit of a common vision. We believe that responsible governance can only be achieved if all sectors of society: the people, private industry, civil society and government all have a seat at the table in deciding the future of the country.

ORG seeks to empower civil society and the people to take a greater stake in the governance of the country through generating dialogue and education. In tandem with partners like Citizens for a Better Bahamas, The Nassau Institute, The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Our Carmichael, ORG galvanizes civil society groups around issues of mutual interest, fosters collective action, and encourages capacity-building and development in advocacy groups.

Through programs such as The Campaign for the Bahamas, ORG’s educations and engagement arm, and our Freedom Schools, we seek to create a more educated populace and empower the people with tools and knowledge to advocate for the issues that matter to them.

Our topical Sub-Committees bring together experts of diverse backgrounds to address issues and find solutions in our three areas of focus: Accountable Governance, Economic Development, and Education Reform. Part think-tank, part vetting station these sub-committees commission research, generate ideas and bring a wealth of knowledge to ORG’s programs and positions in the pillar areas.