Active Citizens Bahamas is ORG’s latest citizen engagement campaign that seeks to empower Bahamian citizens to use their individual and collective actions to positively impact their communities. It includes a National Outreach Series, a Community Focus Groups Series and an Advocacy Toolkit, all designed to get members from communities around the islands engaged in active citizenship.

Learn more about each effort and how you can get involved now below!

National Outreach Series

The National Outreach Series is a country-wide series of presentations that empower citizens to play their role in nation building. It teaches the basics of Bahamian government and leadership and encourages citizens to brainstorm and commit to their own civic actions that can be taken to improve their local communities and the country at-large.

Community Focus Groups & Surveys

This initiative meets Bahamians in their communities to discuss their local challenges; the barriers keeping them from contributing to solutions; and ways to collaborate to overcome them. The feedback will be collected, supplemented by an online survey to collect similar information and shared in a report to the government and public. 

Advocacy Toolkit (Coming Soon)

This online resource focuses on equipping individual advocates and advocacy groups with the information needed to advocate effectively with citizens, government and other stakeholders around issues of concern. It teaches different techniques of advocacy, when they are appropriate and gives templates to guide the crafting of advocacy campaigns.

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