Have Your Say on the Policies & Laws
that Govern your Country!

Providing citizen input on policies is a vital part of inclusive & participatory governance. ORG’s Policy Review Center allows you to review current Bills and other decisions being debated in The Bahamas and to give your feedback and recommendations to the government for consideration. Be sure to get informed and get involved!

See listing of policies currently open for review below:

Cannabis Bill, 2023
Overview: This is an bill to regulate the handling of Cannabis and establish a Cannabis Authority in The Bahamas.
Parliamentary Services Act, 2023
This is an act to establish a parliamentary service for The Bahamas. Click to read and give feedback on this legislation.
Ombudsman Bill, 2023
This is a bill to create the office of an Ombudsman. Click to read and give feedback on this legislation.
Green Paper on Corporate Income Tax
This is a green paper on Corporate Income Tax outlining options for removing the business license tax regime and conforming to best standards of international taxes.
Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas Bill, 2023
A bill to establish the Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas, to establish a tourism development fund and to encourage the resilient and sustainable development of the tourism industry.
DARE Bill Consultation Document, 2023
Read the consultation document for the DARE Bill, 2023. This bill seeks to regulate the issuance, sale, and trade of digital assets in The Bahamas.
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ORG Top 5 Policy Priorities for 2023
Read our views on the importance of parliament advancing the national agenda through giving attention to 5 key pieces of legislation in 2023.
Freedom of Information Act, 2017
This act gives the public a general right of access to records held by public authorities and makes provisions for incidental and connected purposes.
Public Procurement Act, 2023
This bill seeks to provide for the establishment of a public procurement department and for connected matters. Public procurement generally speaks to the procedures by which the public can bid on government contracts.
Public Finance Management Act, 2023
This act regulates public finances, the consolidated fund and the management of government finances and resources including money, property, and special provisions. It also regulates report on government finances and related matters.
FY 2023/2024 Budget Communication
This Communication made by Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Phillip Davis gives an overview of the 2023/2024 budget.
FY 2023/2024 Draft Estimates of Revenue & Expenditure
This document includes the estimates of revenue & expenditures for the 2023/2024 fiscal year.
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