With seven in ten graduating high school students unprepared for the next step in life, The Bahamas’ under-educated populace is wreaking havoc on the country’s socioeconomic development and its future. Poor education effects everything; high unemployment rates, soaring crime rates, and economic stagnation can all find some part of their root cause in our failing education system. The status quo must change or at the current rate the Bahamas will become a failed state in less than 10 years.

A successful Education System – one which fosters the development of a dynamic and capable work force and thoughtful, active citizens is vitally necessary to bring about this change. However, there is a notable gap in coordinated efforts to address this critical need. As such, ORG has identified Education Reform as a priority area of focus and is committed to bringing together vested stakeholders to foster policies and programs that will bring sustainable change for our children and our future.

ORG addresses this core issue head on with innovative policies and programs generated through research and cross-sector collaboration. ORG has formed a Volunteer-based Education Reform Sub-Committee, a think tank comprised of leaders and experts from Education, Private Industry and Civil Society from across The Bahamas. This Sub-Committee has identified several priorities within

Partnership Schools

Creating environments that facilitate innovation and learning is a first step to achieving higher quality education for Bahamian students. Drawing on the input of the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) – a world leader in private education management – along with everyday people living in underserved Bahamian communities, ORG is researching and developing legislation and models for Partnership Schools. These public-private partnerships will provide independent, tuition-free settings where innovative and effective practices can be incubated and then applied in the Public Education System. LEARN MORE

Workforce Development

Drawing from the internationally renowned Swiss apprenticeship model in tandem with consultation from successful U.S. programs and input from local educators, ORG’s senior high school apprenticeship program leverages private industry partnerships to develop self-efficacy, enhance vocational skills, and address academic gaps for students within Bahamian Public High schools. The program is designed to ensure a future workforce with the most in-demand skills needed for the country’s growing industries. LEARN MORE

Cultivating Teacher Talent

The success of students depends on the quality of teachers and administration we are able to attract and retain within the education system. ORG has engaged internationally recognized education expert Scott Hamilton to research and develop a model for recruiting internationally educated Bahamian and non-Bahamian teaching talent, similar to the successful Teach for America and Anseye Pou Ayiti programs. LEARN MORE

Socio-Emotional Curriculum

Teaching students critical social competencies necessary for academic and life success can be pivotal in improving academic performance, preparing students for the workforce and even reducing involvement in criminal and violent activity. Led by Education Reform Sub-Committee member Dr. Michelle Major, ORG is researching and identifying appropriate socio-emotional curricula which can be implemented across all age groups within the public schools in The Bahamas.